Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Turner Prize won by Martin Boyce

He also used his speech to "acknowledge the value of accessible education and the importance of teachers" - an apparent reference to the rise in tuition fees and funding cuts to arts courses.

"If I wanted to go to art school now, I don't know if I could do it," he said afterwards. "I really don't know."

Art is "a really important and valuable part of our culture", he continued, adding: "The idea that you're going to go to art school now and it's going to be a privileged place to be is just so depressing." more

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Martin Boyce at the Cooper Gallery


Artist's Talk Event
Martin Boyce

Turner Prize 2011 Nominee
1 December, 5.30 - 6.30pm

Please book for this free event here...

Monday, November 21, 2011

Christine Borland and Brody Condon

Christine Borland who recently completed a Production Residency at GSS with her live casting project 'Cast From Nature' invited Brody Condon to Scotland to collaborate on a new project together.

The project is one of eight supported through Creative Scotland’s Vital Sparks funding scheme. The Vital Sparks programme, made possible through Scottish Government’s Innovation Fund, encourages experimentation, radical new work and innovative approaches to engaging with audiences.

Condon is an artist based in New York whose work is concered with the relationship between actual and simulated experience.

Borland and Condon are collaborating with us and a team of medical education, and other professionals to develop a new joint project. Their new work, which is in its early stages of development, will explore the performative possibilities inherent in their shared interests; incorporating such diverse themes as surgery, dissection and weaving.

They've been travelling the country, visiting various production spaces, museums and archives both for inspiration and as part of their research.  The artists also delivered a talk on their work at the Pier Arts Centre Orkney as part of Symbols in a Landscape, a flagship project of the Year of Scottish Islands that aims to present events to audiences in Orkney that explore links between art and archaeology. They delivered a lecture on Thursday 03 November to 3rd Year Glasgow School of Art Forum for Critical Enquiry students, in a lecture series organised by Dr Ross Birrell. more

Anna McCarthy

The British artist Anna McCarthy (*1981 in Munich) is an active contributor to the Munich based rock-band “DAMENKApELLE,” has directed a theatre play in 2011 in which a variety of Munich based artists were involved (“Ich dachte man darf alles”) and – for the last five years – works on an ongoing project entitled “How to start a revolution”. This summer (2011) she published her book “REVOLUTION & ITS MUSES”, produced on invitation by Extrapool (The Netherlands). She will present her book in the form of a "book performance" with discussions to follow with Julia Maier of the Kunstverein Munich. photos here...

Friday, November 18, 2011

save the arts

Adinda van ‘t Klooster

This solo show by Adinda van ‘t Klooster features works she made in the past four years, whilst doing her practice-based PhD with CRUMB at the University of Sunderland.

Van ‘t Klooster’s interdisciplinary practice incorporates site-specific light and sound installation, improvised audiovisual performance and biofeedback sculpture. Some works are made available through documentation whilst the main biofeedback artwork, the Emotion Light, can be experienced as part of the exhibition.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bags of cash for Glasgow gallery

The Turner Prize-nominated Scottish artist Karla Black is demonstrating that, despite her success, she still remembers her roots. The former Glasgow School of Art (SEA) student has donated four signed limited-edition bags from her latest exhibition to a silent auction, the proceeds of which will go to the Glasgow Project Room. The Project Room is a non-profit making gallery, running since 1997, which exhibits the work of both aspiring and established artists outside the constraints of council funding. It thus ensures artists’ work is not overlooked through fear of its being unprofitable. more

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


The Annual Sculpture and Environmental Art Drawing Show

Open to all SEA students, graduates and staff

Exhibition opens Friday 9th December 5-7pm

Exhibition runs until 4pm Friday 16th December

Deadline for receiving work Thursday 1st December

Submission guidelines:

All drawings must be made on A3 Seawhites Cartridge paper 140gsm. One free sample can be obtained from Moira Thompson in the Barnes building.

All submissions must respond to a selected title, pulled randomly from the box outside Moiras office. Anyone unable to visit in person please email

All submissions should be deposited in the box outside Moiras office and should have the following information on the reverse side of the paper: artists name, title and arrow to indicate orientation for hanging.

Postal submissions should be sent to ‘SEA Drawing Show’, The Harry Barnes Building, 9-11 West Graham St, Garnethill, Glasgow.

Atelier Public

Monday, November 14, 2011

Henry Coombes and Gregor Johnstone

Queens Park Railway Club are delighted to announce their inaugural exhibition. As part of QPRCs curatorial residency with program Gregor Johnstone and Henry Coombes.

Art Destroyed The World And It Won't Stop There

Coombes and Johnstone have spent the last two years collaborating on an iPhone app that would allow the smart phone to measure loneliness. It works by wiping the phone through your arse crevice to take measurements of bum-hole acidity. As personal hygiene declines following long periods of isolation the levels of acidity correlates perfectly to loneliness. The app was a total failure so they decided to make a film about the horror and futility of making art.  queensparkrailwayclub

Friday, November 11, 2011

Ben Woodeson: Experimental Station - Part 1, In the Laboratory

Danger, or rather the perception of it, is at the core of Ben Woodeson's work. The sculpture he's showing in Laboral bears the tongue-in-cheek name Health & Safety Violation #15 - Spiral twist hazard. I'm all for poking fun at the over-regulations that dominate cultural spaces (especially in England, a country never afraid of reaching new heights of ridicule in that matter.) Spiral Twist Hazard is a black cable that hangs from the ceiling and twists, untwists, whips and moves as if it had a life of its own. we make money not art

Henry Coombes at SEA

Henry will be running a project with our First Year students for the next three week, kicking off with a talk about his work to the whole department.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Turner Prize 2011: Turner Prize nominee Martin Boyce

Leaves and a waste bin feature in the exhibition of Martin Boyce, who talked to DAVID WHETSTONE to conclude our look at the four Turner Prize contenders. more

Lucy Skaer Film for an Abandoned Projector

Until 15 December 2011
Lyric Picture House
113-115 Tong Road, Armley, LS12 1QJ

In the darkness of the derelict Lyric Picture House in the Armley area of Leeds, the cinema's old Kalee projector plays a new 35mm film. Specific to its place, Skaer's sculptural film work is the imagined subconscious of the projector itself. Through repeated screenings, the film slowly bears witness to its own presentation through scratches and marks that visibly scar and efface the surface of the image. At the end of the project the cinema will once again be dormant. e-flux

Martin Boyce In Focus A closer look at Turner Prize 2011 nominee Martin Boyce

Martin Boyce's work draws on a wide range of influences, as much from the fields of architecture and design as that of art. His Turner Prize exhibition, evocative of a park landscape, contains a myriad of references to icons of Modernism: this is seen nowhere more clearly than in the centrepiece of the installation, a library table which was inspired by those designed by Jean Prouvé for the Maison de l’Etudiant in Paris. But to this quote, Boyce adds a further reference in the form of a hanging mobile, immediately evocative of work by Modernist artists such as Alexander Calder. The intricate handcrafted detail of the installation's focal piece reveals the in-depth research into the history of design which underlies this piece and the scholarly nature of Boyce's artistry.  more.....

Andrew Kerr - So Ensconced/Maya Deren

whilst Kerr's sculpture appeared temporary, inmprovised and possibly even slightly irreverent, both forms demonstated an affinity with nature and culture respectively. Born in 1977, Kerr (S) is one of the younger members of an internationally recognised generation of artists who have made exhibitions for Inverleith House in recent years, including Karla Black (S), Douglas Gordon (EA), Jim Lambie (EA), Victoria Morton, Tony Swain, Hayley and Sue tompkins and Cathy Wilkes (S). Gardennews

Monday, October 31, 2011

Meet the Turner Prize Nominees: A Q&A With Scottish Artist Karla Black

GATESHEAD— The Turner Prize exhibition is now on view at the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead, with the winner of Britain's most prestigious art award to be announced on December 5. In the run-up to the jury's decision, ARTINFO UK offered a set of questions to each of the shortlisted artists — Karla Black, Martin Boyce, Hilary Lloyd, and George Shaw — so we can get to know them better. This week we spoke to Karla Black. Artinfo

David Shrigley: 'With a cookery show I can deal with eating and killing'

"It's weird, really weird actually," says David Shrigley, sitting in his studio at home in Glasgow. The 43-year-old artist is attempting to explain a recent trend where people are having his crudely rendered, darkly funny drawings tattooed on their bodies and sending him pictures. He uploaded some on to his website, only for more snaps to come in. Then, earlier this month, he spent a day in a shop window in Liverpool scribbling directly on willing subjects with a sterile pen – free of charge, no design repeated. They could then cross the road to a tattoo parlour and have it inked in for good. The Guardian

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva: A Feast for the Eyes: Food as Fine Art

London’s swanky Pied à Terre restaurant is notable for many reasons - namely the food, which has been the toast-of-the-town for twenty years, with a variety of gourmet dishes that are works of art (and taste) themselves. But some of the most unique culinary creations aren’t relegated only to the table: glance up at the walls, and you’ll see a month’s worth of fish dinners arranged into artful sculptures and installations adorning the dining room, and cleverly ensconced elsewhere throughout the venue. The staircase is lined with scallop corals, quail carcases embellish the walls of the upstairs bar, and those captivating white orbs arrayed on the skylight just happen to be sheep testicles. MutualArt

IT WRITHES: This weekend @ The Glue Factory!

Join us at the Glue Factory for a Hallowe’en party that damns your soul and burns your sorry remains in the bowels of our infernal warehouse! We have summoned the dead nags of Glue Factory past to help us brew a boiling cabaret hoof vat with live performance, installation and other inhumane activity taking place throughout the building. From the firey voodoo swamp of gut churning blues and hell leather rockabilly to the slashfest techno prison and (just a)live music throughout the night we’ll have something depraved in every sordid corner! Produced in association with our friends at 85A.

James Stephen Wright
Jamie Clements
Jim Colquhoun
Drew Taylor
Anna Tanner, Jamie Bolland & Louisa Thornton
Michelle Hannah
Dominic Samsworth
Robbie Thomson
Sven Werner + Graeme Miller

The evening's festivities are produced in collaboration with 85A
Doors: 9pm
Tickets : £5 Advance (available Art School union)

Bill Bollinger @ the Fruitmarket Gallery

The Fruitmarket Gallery is proud to present this major exhibition of the work of American artist Bill Bollinger (1939–1988), one of the most important artists of the 1960s. A work of art historical rediscovery as well as an exhibition of great power and beauty, it brings an artist once mentioned in the same breath as Bruce Nauman, Robert Smithson, Eva Hesse and Fred Sandback back for serious reconsideration. more.........

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Adrian Searle: 'It's confusing. But it's the Turner prize' – video

Hilary Lloyd's flickering screens, Karla Black's crumbling craftwork and Martin Boyce's wonky rubbish bin blend sculpture, video art and installation in a new and unsettling way –but it's the quiet poetry of George Shaw's don't-care England that rises above it all. Guardian art critic Adrian Searle passes his verdict on the Turner prize 2011

Art review: Turner Prize 2011, Baltic, Newcastle

This is a melancholy show, from Martin Boyce’s windswept library, in which a few leaves from his 2009 exhibition for the Scottish Pavilion at the Venice Biennale appear to have blown in with the draught, to George Shaw’s paintings of boarded-up shops. Film-maker Hilary Lloyd looks at the moon and Karla Black, who represented Scotland in Venice in 2011, has presented a beautiful room of painterly sculptures, which seem elegantly faded and purposefully tentative, as well as characteristically exuberant. Scotland on Sunday

Apparatus 22

26 Oct 2011, 6pm
Wed Night Open Forum
Mack Lecture Theatre, The Glasgow School of Art
Free admission

As part of the GSA's Wednesday Night Open Forum series comes a night of discussion on the work of Apparatus 22, a loose group of artists and researchers interested in the 'critical potential of clothing and fashion' and exploring long-term concerns about fashion's disposability. 

Apparatus 22 was initiated in spring 2011 after a reconfiguration process of the cutting-edge fashion label Rozalb de Mura (2006 – early 2011). Olah Gyarfas is a permanent guest of the collective. The group explore the crossovers between art, design and fashion, focusing on themes such as the critical potential of clothing and fashion, the long-term concerns about fashion's disposability, mixing fiction with reality, and blurring the lines between genders. Apparatus 22 often stage work as performances or art installations. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Karla Black In Focus


A closer look at Turner Prize 2011 nominee Karla Black

Although officially dubbed a sculptor, Black’s exhibited work seems to defy classification, simultaneously occupying the regions of painting, sculpture, and performance. Upon passing through a maze of fragile polythene and paint-cracked curtains, the viewer is met with a monumental mountain range constructed out of crumpled sugar paper that fills the room. These contours are sensually coloured in pastel hues.  ArtLyst

Friday, October 21, 2011

S v EA It’s art, not sport – no-one should win, says prize favourite

THE Scottish artist whose soaring career has turned her into a favourite for Britain’s biggest art prize said yesterday she would “go away and hide” if she won. Sculptor Karla Black claimed that forcing nominated artists to compete with one another for the Turner Prize ruined their work by treating it like sport, and said she didn’t believe any artist should be chosen as winner. Scotsman

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Seven-strong art-rock group Muscles of Joy - interview

The phrase ‘art-rock’ is a much-abused one, but in this case it seems appropriate. Each of the seven members of all-female Glasgow group Muscles of Joy is a practicing visual artist in their day jobs, most having previously attended Glasgow School of Art, and their sound is not what you might call unadventurous. While there’s a certain punk-rock rawness there, a lot of their songs are characterised by tonal experiments and playful vocal and musical motifs which straddle the boundary between the viscerally accessible and the avant-garde. List

Gateshead Installs Turner Prize 2011

The Tate and BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art will open its doors to the press and public later this week for the Turner Prize 2011. The four artists who have been shortlisted this year are busy installing their work and the press pack preparing themselves for the long journey from London, where they have been covering Frieze week, to Gateshead where the next big event on the art calendar is located this year.

The artists Karla Black (SEA), Martin Boyce (SEA), Hilary Lloyd and George Shaw are diverse choices representing Painting ,Sculpture,Video and sound art.  Artlyst

Glasgow's Turner connection

This week, the work of all four shortlisted artists goes on show at the Baltic, Gateshead – and two are Glaswegian: Martin Boyce (EA), whose sculptures do fearful things with modernist interior design; and Karla Black (S), who uses lipstick, pastel-coloured candles, eyeshadow and sugar paper as her materials. Artists based or born in the city who have been shortlisted in the recent past include Jim Lambie (EA), Christine Borland (SEA), Cathy Wilkes(S), Lucy Skaer (EA) and Nathan Coley(EA). There have been two further winners in Douglas Gordon (EA) and Simon Starling. Guardian

Monday, October 10, 2011

Kandinsky in Govan?

A Centenary International Conference on the Ideas Expressed in

Concerning the Spiritual in Art

by Wassily Kandinsky (1911)

In Govan, Glasgow, Scotland

weekend 21-23 October 2011

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Family Show at Mono

Helen Shaddock: Strength in numbers

A solo exhibition by Helen Shaddock at The Briggait, 141 Bridgegate, Glasgow, G1 5HZ

Exhibition Preview: Thursday 6th October 2011. 6pm- 8pm. Exhibition runs : 7 - 30 October 2011

Monday, October 03, 2011

Martin Boyce: Urban Legend by Andrew Cattanach

Martin Boyce is one of two Scotland-based artists nominated for this year's Turner Prize. Showing at the Baltic, Gateshead, from 21 October as part of the prize's annual show, we hear how the venue, the city and design have impacted on his work. Both Martin and Andrew are graduates of SEA. more

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

UNREST : Keith Allan, Caroline Gallacher & Ric Warren

Intermedia Gallery, CCA, Glasgow
Saturday 8th - Saturday 15th October 2011 (Closed Monday) 11am-6pm

PREVIEW: FRIDAY 7TH OCTOBER 6-9pm After-party with +44 141 Gallery & Market Gallery at SWG3.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Euan Ogilvie’s and Sogal Mabadi at Arches Live

Arches Live festival returns to Glasgow

The annual festival kicks off on September 20 showcasing two weeks of events from some of Scotland’s most exciting emergent artists in theatre, visual and live art, sculpture and music.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Neville Rae and Scott Laverie,

Work is underway to re-design the side entrance to the Rothes Halls. A design team of artists, Neville Rae (SEA grad) and Scott Laverie, alongside architect Iain McLeod, will be working on research and ideas for this project over the coming weeks and months. We will be using this site as space for people to contribute any ideas on the project. We will be continually updating this site with interesting images, ideas and text that is related to the Rothes Halls and Glenrothes.

check out the project blog

Thursday, August 25, 2011



Roundtable discussion and screening

04/09/2011 | 16:00

An event for further discussion on the varying sensibilities toward the archive as seen in its practical manifestations, academic potentiality, and consumer appeal.

While archive has become a key site of inquiry within contemporary art practices, Do What The Clouds Do looks to deliberate the archive in its expanded field. Reflecting on the divergent elements which might organize ‘the archive’ as both an idea and a material accumulation, the event will look to the significance and practice of its contemporary forms. Do What The Clouds Do will work to interrogate ‘the archive’ as a site operating beyond testimony or authority, but as an active site of mutable transparency, heterogeneity, perpetual revision and distribution.

Do What The Clouds Do will consider what an instant archive might constitute in a roundtable discussion with Francis McKee (Director, Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow), Malcolm Dickson (Director, Streetlevel Photoworks, Glasgow), Damien McCaffery (University of Glasgow), Glasgow-based artists collective It's Our Playground (Camille Le Houezec & Jocelyn Villemont) and Instant Archive’s curator, Nicola Wright.

The discussion will be preceded by a short screening of films and video clips selected by the panel, including Oliver Laric’s Versions (2010), with additional contributions from exhibiting artists, Emily Donnini, Ralph Mackenzie and Travis Souza.

Do What The Clouds Do will be chaired by David Dale Gallery & Studios committee member, Darren Tesar.

For more information please e-mail

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Euan Ogilvie, SEA 2011

Sculpture and Environmental Art from The Glasgow School of Art on Vimeo.

PAR+RS Public Art Scotland Tender Opportunity

Working with Creative Scotland, PAR+RS: Public Art Scotland aims to influence, inform and educate people working in the multiple areas of public art through providing critical but impartial presentation of the developments and discussions surrounding practice and projects within, primarily, Scotland.

PAR+RS: Public Art Scotland is owned by Creative Scotland and supported by an independent Advisory Group. Creative Scotland is offering this opportunity for tender to allow PAR+RS: Public Art Scotland to retain a level of independence which has been regarded as integral since its inception. The successful tenderer will be expected to demonstrate their ability to work with a range of stakeholders, organisations and individuals to research, plan and deliver a clear and coherent online and offline programme that reflects current public art practice and discourse.

A fee of £15,000 (including VAT) is available for a 12 month period to achieve the following:
• a strong on line and off line programme that reflects current public art practice and discourse from a wide range of participants and policy makers
• a 3 year development plan for PAR+RS and its programme
• a marketing strategy to support the above development plan
• a growing network of strategic partnerships and relationships

We see the resource as developmental and are interested in the range of approaches that can further the aims of PAR+RS: Public Art Scotland. Any organisation / individual will need to demonstrate how their input and approach will be instrumental and pro active.

Key requirements for tenderer:
• demonstrable knowledge of the public art sector in Scotland and beyond
• understanding of the various stakeholders, organisations and individuals involved in public art projects and developments
• ability to develop partnerships across various sectors, individuals and agencies
• ability to manage multiple priorities
• ability to manage staff
• ability to manage budgets
• track record and experience of working with / through online platforms
• event management and marketing experience (direct or indirect)

The deadline for submissions is Friday 29 July 2011 at 17:00.

For a full brief, please contact

This opportunity is available in: All Scotland

For further information, please contact (Anne Petrie), or call 0131 523 0063, or visit The deadline is Friday 29 July 2011 at 17:00.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011


artist’s appointment at Shawlands Academy

The Shawlands Gate Project wishes to appoint an artist to co-ordinate a programme of engagement across Shawlands Academy, a large, non denominational school on the south side of Glasgow with around 1250 pupils, to explore the processes and challenges around creating art work in public / open air contexts.

It is anticipated artwork proposals will be created for exhibition in the school, within Shawlands and at Scotland Street Museum. A number of proposals for temporary and/or permanent public artworks may also be developed for installation at the school or other sites in Shawlands.

Working in collaboration with school staff, external specialists and delivery partners, the project is due to begin early September 2011 and be completed by the end of the year with contact time over 13 weeks commencing w/b 19th September (excluding half term).

A fee of £3,990 ex VAT is offered with additional allowances for special materials etc.

For further details, contact:

Lorenzo Mele, Senior Arts Officer, Glasgow Life – Arts

DEADLINE for applications: Friday 5th August 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011

China and Ai Weiwei: Britain's art establishment is about to walk into a minefield

Anish Kapoor’s refusal to exhibit in China next year, in protest at the detention of Ai Weiwei, is a blow to the British Council’s “UK Now” project, which plans to exhibit British arts in 12 cities across China from April-November 2012.

The idea is to capitalise on London taking over the Olympic torch from the Chinese and deepen cross-cultural exchanges between our two countries. The detention of Ai Weiwei must be very inconvenient for the organisers, but I wonder if this project will be able to shake the ever-lengthening shadow of Ai, whose work lit up the Tate Modern’s turbine halls so spectacularly this year in London. more.......

Visual art reviews: Glasgow School of Art Degree Show 2011 and MFA Degree Show 2011

SEA grads reviewed:
Alicia Matthews, Julia Scott, Sinead Young, Romany Dear, Beth Dynowski, Katy Wallwork, Lorraine Hamilton, Erin Stevenson, Euan Ogilvie, Richard McMaster, Lou Prenderghast, Hannah Brackston and Alice Steffen-Essex

Katri Walker: Write Me


An Exhibition to celebrate the closure of The Victoria Café Bar

Sunday 19th. 7pm-1am

'The End' is upon us, in a matter of weeks work will begin as the The Vic is completely refurbished and partly demolished.

This will radically alter the character of the place that has fostered creativity in a multitude of forms in Glasgow over the last 80 years and become a significant social reference point for generations of students, artists and musicians.

The interior will be emptied, stripped and opened up to create temporary exhibition and event spaces before works start later this month. This will be a unique opportunity for anyone who has an attachment to this influential venue to experience it like never before.

The Artists invovled in realising this project are

Stephen Campbell
Beagles & Ramsay
Gregor Johnstone
Gregor Wright
Rob Churm
Sarah Jane Wright
Patrick Jamieson
Dan Miller
Neil Clements
Dominic Samsworth
Nick Evans
Stephen Sutcliffe
Craig Mullholland
Iain Hetherington
Alex Pollard
Lila De Magalhaes
Leanne Hopper
Robbie Thomson
Michael White
Alan Stanners
Torsten Lauschman
August Krogan-Roley
Jack Wrigley
Heather Landed
Douglas Moreland

+ more TBC

Also, Gig in the practice room (through the toilets) organised by Prolife & Ultimate Thrush

Hope to see you all there for one last warm drink.

Rody Buchanan: culture + conflict invite

Rody Buchanan: Legacy

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Martin Boyce's 'Electric Trees and Telephone Booth Conversations' instal...

A Conversation with Martin Boyce

Martin Boyce

Martin Boyce - No Reflections

Karla Black and Structure & Material

TateShots: Karla Black

Karla Black talks about her exhibition at the 54th Venice Biennale

A video walkthrough of Karla Black's exhibition at the Venice Biennale 2011

Monday, May 09, 2011

The Gilchrist-Fisher Award

The Gilchrist-Fisher Award is a biennial prize open to artists under the age of 30 before January 2012 whose work deals with the broad theme of landscape. A shortlist of six finalists will be selected in June to produce work for an exhibition early in the following year at the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery in London when the winner and runner-up will be decided. A first prize of £3000 will be awarded, and a second prize of £1000. more

Craig Richardson book launch

19 May 2011
Craig Richardson & Dr Dominic Paterson in conversation
7pm Gallery 2. At Glasgow Sculpture Studios

Richardson will be discussing the monograph in conversation with Dr Dominic Paterson. Together they will address key areas of cultural politics and identity in a Scottish-national visual art context.

Scottish Art since 1960: Historical Reflections and Contemporary Overviews provides us with an analysis of the art of this period through a new chronology. The book includes interviews with artists, curators and critics, and provides access to Richardson’s non-catalogued personal archives.

Richardson examines and proposes a sequence of 'exemplary' works that outline a self-conscious definition of the interrogative term 'Scottish art.' Among the artists whose work is discussed are John Latham, Simon Starling, Alan Johnston, Roderick Buchanan, Christine Borland, Joan Eardley, Alexander Moffat, Douglas Gordon, Graham Fagen, and many others.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Nick Evans is newScottish National Gallery and Creative Scotland Fellow

More SEA graduate success.

In collaboration with Creative Scotland, the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art is delighted to announce the first appointments to the Artists’ Fellowship Programme. This innovative award aims to give artists unique access to the Galleries’ world-class collection, archives and library, to research new working methods and ideas. This year’s fellowships have been awarded to Glasgow-based sculptor Nick Evans and the collaborative partnership of Kim Coleman and Jenny Hogarth.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Martin and Karla are the next SEA grads up for the Turner Prize

Glasgow-based Karla Black's unorthodox materials include lipstick, Vaseline, nail varnish and eye shadow.

Martin Boyce, whose installations are inspired by concrete trees, is also shortlisted, as is George Shaw, who only uses enamel paint in his work. BBC

Karla Black and Martin Boyce join the list of Sculpture and Environmental Art Graduates who have been nominated or awarded the Turner Prize:

Douglas Gordon 1995,
Christine Borland 1997,
Jim Lambie 2005,
Nathan Coley 2007,
Cathy Wilkes 2008,
Lucy Skaer 2009,
Martin Boyce 2011
Karla Black 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ai Weiwei

Ai, facing protestors, jumps into the air during a protest in Beijing against a controversial internet filtering programme called "Green Dam", July 2009.

Ai Weiwei Incarceration Tate Modern Event

Tate Modern announced today that it is deeply concerned about the current disappearance of the artist Ai Weiwei. The
organisation places artists at the very centre of its activities.

The Unilever Series, Sunflower Seeds is on display until 2 May. To mark its final weekend in the Turbine Hall, Tate Modern will be holding a free public event on Saturday 30 April. Hamish Fulton, the British artist known for his text, photographic and wall pieces, will present an action from 12 noon to 2pm entitled Slowalk (In support of Ai Weiwei). This will be followed by a free screening of Ai Weiwei's documentary Disturbing the Peace in the Starr Auditorium at 2.30pm.
The Release Ai Weiwei signage will remain on the front of Tate Modern until they have more news regarding the artist's arrest. The question still remains, where is he being detained? and what are the charges against him? more...

Ai Weiwei's rock star friend stopped at Shanghai airport

A prominent Chinese rock musician close to detained artist Ai Weiwei has been stopped by officials at an airport in Shanghai, according to a friend.

Zuoxiao Zuzhou and his wife, Xiao Li, were reportedly halted on Wednesday afternoon and have been out of contact for several hours. The musician's phone rang unanswered. The Guardian

Free Hetherington and Glasgow Social Centre

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Red Shed art installation at BBC Scotland

The Red Shed art installation at BBC Scotland

The Red Shed is a regular garden shed installed in the middle of BBC Scotland's offices at Pacific Quay. Placed there by the interior designers Graven Images the red shed is designed to be an island amongst the black and grey rows of desks and chairs.

In a collaboration between BBC Scotland and Glasgow School of Art, six artists have been invited to use it as a space for art for one week each. This feature documents the first three installations. The videos have been produced and directed by staff members in the BBC.

The Duchy

the duchy is a gallery working with the most exceptional recent graduates, emerging artists, more established practitioners and other artist-led initiatives. They are dedicated to promoting exchange, dialogue and experimentation around contemporary art with a focus on providing a supportive and engaging environment and workspace.

The gallery and project space offers a professional platform and experimental space for artists to develop their ideas, explore new directions and host a range of artist talks and events.

They also have an open submission policy. If you have an idea for an exhibition, project or collaboration please email theduchygallery[at] with any initial ideas or formal proposals you may have. They are particularly looking for recent graduates to be incorporated in 2 person and group shows later this summer.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ideas Green Fund is offering eight IdeasTap members (aged 16 to 25) £5,000 each to realise creative projects that either address green issues or are produced in an environmentally sustainable manner.

They are looking for ideas that offer exciting new angles on climate change – or new ways to make art in an eco-friendly fashion.

It doesn’t matter what medium you work in – from film to theatre, photography to music, visual arts to literature – because Ideas Fund Green is open to all creative disciplines. The key is innovation.

For more information click here

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In The Park - 3rd Year Environmental Art Exhibition

'Recreation' by Karine Bouleau
Image courtesy of Steve Higgins


Public Art Projects by 3rd year Environmental Art students from Glasgow School of Art working in partnership with Land Services and House for an Art Lover.

Exhibition opening Thursday 14th April at 6pm.
Exhibition runs until 25th April, 10-5pm.

The exhibition includes documentation of twenty temporary Public Art Projects developed by third year Environmental Art students from Glasgow School of Art. Each project developed in relation to the context of Bellahouston Park and benefited from the expert knowledge of those people who either use or maintain that space. 

A publication will accompany the exhibition and will be launched at the opening.

House for an Art Lover,
Bellahouston Park,
10 Dumbreck Road,

Glasgow, G41 5BW
(15 minutes walk from Ibrox tube station)