Thursday, July 17, 2008

Now the artist brings the outside inside

Jack's thoughts on Kenny's show at Tramway

Sculpture shock

DURING KENNY Hunter's three month residency at New York art centre Location One in 2005, he explored the city, taking in the 'weird quality of light' caused by the lack of direct sun penetrating the concrete jungle. He observed the vast deposits of waste that would emerge on a daily basis from the base of towering skyscrapers. He also read a book on modernism by Marshall Berman called All That Is Solid Melts Into Air. The title, a line from the Communist Manifesto, could easily be a slogan for almost all this Musselburgh-born artist's work.

Kenny Hunter Interview: Graft and craft:

EVERY MORNING, KENNY HUNTER gets on his bike and cycles to his studio in Anniesland along the tow path of the Forth & Clyde Canal. It's an in-between place, part post-industrial wasteland, part bucolic riverside, home to swans and kingfishers, abandoned shopping trolleys and underage drinkers.