Friday, June 17, 2011

China and Ai Weiwei: Britain's art establishment is about to walk into a minefield

Anish Kapoor’s refusal to exhibit in China next year, in protest at the detention of Ai Weiwei, is a blow to the British Council’s “UK Now” project, which plans to exhibit British arts in 12 cities across China from April-November 2012.

The idea is to capitalise on London taking over the Olympic torch from the Chinese and deepen cross-cultural exchanges between our two countries. The detention of Ai Weiwei must be very inconvenient for the organisers, but I wonder if this project will be able to shake the ever-lengthening shadow of Ai, whose work lit up the Tate Modern’s turbine halls so spectacularly this year in London. more.......

Visual art reviews: Glasgow School of Art Degree Show 2011 and MFA Degree Show 2011

SEA grads reviewed:
Alicia Matthews, Julia Scott, Sinead Young, Romany Dear, Beth Dynowski, Katy Wallwork, Lorraine Hamilton, Erin Stevenson, Euan Ogilvie, Richard McMaster, Lou Prenderghast, Hannah Brackston and Alice Steffen-Essex

Katri Walker: Write Me


An Exhibition to celebrate the closure of The Victoria Café Bar

Sunday 19th. 7pm-1am

'The End' is upon us, in a matter of weeks work will begin as the The Vic is completely refurbished and partly demolished.

This will radically alter the character of the place that has fostered creativity in a multitude of forms in Glasgow over the last 80 years and become a significant social reference point for generations of students, artists and musicians.

The interior will be emptied, stripped and opened up to create temporary exhibition and event spaces before works start later this month. This will be a unique opportunity for anyone who has an attachment to this influential venue to experience it like never before.

The Artists invovled in realising this project are

Stephen Campbell
Beagles & Ramsay
Gregor Johnstone
Gregor Wright
Rob Churm
Sarah Jane Wright
Patrick Jamieson
Dan Miller
Neil Clements
Dominic Samsworth
Nick Evans
Stephen Sutcliffe
Craig Mullholland
Iain Hetherington
Alex Pollard
Lila De Magalhaes
Leanne Hopper
Robbie Thomson
Michael White
Alan Stanners
Torsten Lauschman
August Krogan-Roley
Jack Wrigley
Heather Landed
Douglas Moreland

+ more TBC

Also, Gig in the practice room (through the toilets) organised by Prolife & Ultimate Thrush

Hope to see you all there for one last warm drink.

Rody Buchanan: culture + conflict invite

Rody Buchanan: Legacy

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Martin Boyce's 'Electric Trees and Telephone Booth Conversations' instal...

A Conversation with Martin Boyce

Martin Boyce

Martin Boyce - No Reflections

Karla Black and Structure & Material

TateShots: Karla Black

Karla Black talks about her exhibition at the 54th Venice Biennale

A video walkthrough of Karla Black's exhibition at the Venice Biennale 2011