Thursday, October 27, 2011

IT WRITHES: This weekend @ The Glue Factory!

Join us at the Glue Factory for a Hallowe’en party that damns your soul and burns your sorry remains in the bowels of our infernal warehouse! We have summoned the dead nags of Glue Factory past to help us brew a boiling cabaret hoof vat with live performance, installation and other inhumane activity taking place throughout the building. From the firey voodoo swamp of gut churning blues and hell leather rockabilly to the slashfest techno prison and (just a)live music throughout the night we’ll have something depraved in every sordid corner! Produced in association with our friends at 85A.

James Stephen Wright
Jamie Clements
Jim Colquhoun
Drew Taylor
Anna Tanner, Jamie Bolland & Louisa Thornton
Michelle Hannah
Dominic Samsworth
Robbie Thomson
Sven Werner + Graeme Miller

The evening's festivities are produced in collaboration with 85A
Doors: 9pm
Tickets : £5 Advance (available Art School union)

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