Monday, November 21, 2011

Christine Borland and Brody Condon

Christine Borland who recently completed a Production Residency at GSS with her live casting project 'Cast From Nature' invited Brody Condon to Scotland to collaborate on a new project together.

The project is one of eight supported through Creative Scotland’s Vital Sparks funding scheme. The Vital Sparks programme, made possible through Scottish Government’s Innovation Fund, encourages experimentation, radical new work and innovative approaches to engaging with audiences.

Condon is an artist based in New York whose work is concered with the relationship between actual and simulated experience.

Borland and Condon are collaborating with us and a team of medical education, and other professionals to develop a new joint project. Their new work, which is in its early stages of development, will explore the performative possibilities inherent in their shared interests; incorporating such diverse themes as surgery, dissection and weaving.

They've been travelling the country, visiting various production spaces, museums and archives both for inspiration and as part of their research.  The artists also delivered a talk on their work at the Pier Arts Centre Orkney as part of Symbols in a Landscape, a flagship project of the Year of Scottish Islands that aims to present events to audiences in Orkney that explore links between art and archaeology. They delivered a lecture on Thursday 03 November to 3rd Year Glasgow School of Art Forum for Critical Enquiry students, in a lecture series organised by Dr Ross Birrell. more

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