Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sky Arts Ignition: Futures Fund – round three

The Sky Arts Ignition: Futures Fund will award five young artists (aged 18-30) £30,000 each to fund their practice for a whole year. Winners willalso be paired with a mentor from Sky to help them to develop their networks,skills and knowledge in the arts and the commercial sector.

The fund is open to applications from the following fields: Visual art: Including fine artists, sculptors, photographers, animators and video artists

Creative producing: Including creative producers and curators working in visual arts, theatre, film and performance/dance

Music: Including musicians,composers, songwriters and conductors

Performing arts: Including theatre-makers including playwrights, spoken word artists, directors, puppeteers and live artists Dance: Including dancers and choreographers

For further information/to apply for free visit here

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