Friday, October 05, 2012


As part of a new initiative to give back to the students of the Glasgow School of Art, the Artstore at the Artschool is pleased to  announce a new range of opportunities to coincide with the end of each term for students at the Glasgow School of Art.

This term, the Artstore will provide ambitious student projects funding and a space to exhibit outside the Glasgow School of Art. Applications are accepted only from registered students at the Glasgow School of Art. Applications for group exhibitions are given priority. Applications for solo exhibitions are generally not accepted but will be taken into consideration. Applications are accepted from any discipline (undergraduate and postgraduate) and we do not set parameters limit on material or method. However, applications with a focus on contemporary art practice are given priority.

Received Applications are selected by a panel of artists and creative practitioners based on the following criteria: the quality of individual work, the quality of the exhibition proposal, and the creative development it enables. The Artstore covers the cost of the gallery, installation equipment, publicity, invigilation, preview night amenities, and provides a small subsidy towards exhibitors’ costs. It is the responsibility of the selected artists to organise, install, and de-install their exhibition, all in line with the venue’s health and safety guidelines. For more information and application guidelines go here

Deadline for applications is 5:30pm on 26th October 2012

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