Wednesday, January 18, 2012

School of Art awarded grant to probe 'Glasgow Miracle'

Glasgow School of Art is to get one of the largest grants of its type to work out why the city has produced so many successful contemporary artists.
The money - £122,500 - will be used to investigate an archive of photos and recordings dating back three decades. It is hoped it will help shed light on what conditions and events led to what one curator has dubbed "The Glasgow Miracle". 

The cash has been awarded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).
It was a German curator who first coined the phrase "Glasgow Miracle" to explain the stream of successful contemporary artists coming out of the city.

Experts believe more practical measures could be at play. They cite strong teaching, cheap studio space and a cluster of artists in one area of the city. 

The grant will be used to archive two significant collections of photographs and articles - many of them at the former Third Eye Centre where everyone from Billy Connolly, Miles Davis and Damien Hirst have appeared over the years.

Ross Sinclair (SEA) will be conducting a series of person-to-person interviews with artists who have made Glasgow an internationally recognised centre of visual arts will be also be carried out.

Researchers said as well as helping them understand the origins of the city's successful scene, it may help with future investment. more

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