Tuesday, January 24, 2012

COME IN, WE'RE OPEN: Jess Higgins and the Garnethill Multicultural Centre

For one week only, the old tearoom in the Garnethill Multicultural Centre will be open for business, serving teas and coffees, cold foods and sweet treats on a donations and/or trade basis.
Jess Higgins from First Year SEA has reactivated the Cafe in the basement of the Garnethill Multicultural Centre on Rose Street. Jess and other students from First Year SEA will also be running various services throughout the week including....

HILL STORIES - a listening and talking service.
GIVING AND TAKING LIBRARY - a swap shelf for unwanted books.
SKILLS FOR TRADES - a notice board where you can post a note of a skill or service you can offer for free to someone in return for a skill/service from them.

As well as more small scale events TBC.

All are welcome for a cup of tea and a sit down, tell your friends!

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