Thursday, March 01, 2012

Job @SSW Curator of Facilities and Programmes

Post: Curator of Facilities and Programmes
Starting: 1st April 2012
Salary: £26000 Full Time
Closing date: 7th March (Interviews circa 15th March in Lumsden or via Skype

SSW is looking for a motivated individual, to work as part of our small team, and to be responsible for the implementation of an artistic programme that integrates with the best use of our facilities.
After the first fully functioning year since the capital development, the new role of Curator of Facilities and Programmes has emerged as an absolute necessity to better support our artistic programme. SSW is an institution that is reliant on infra-structure; accommodation for artists, studios and technical workshops and we require a dedicated person to ensure the smooth running of the facilities, and programmes.
This position will be responsible for overseeing the operational efficiency of SSW’s premises, ensuring the most effective use of SSW’s facilities and technical support for artists and communities. You will assist the Director in the delivery of the artistic programme (curated and facilities), lead on marketing and communications and documentation. You will also play a role in developing evaluation of SSW’s activities in such a way that will inform the future of how we develop this new and evolving programme.

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