Wednesday, October 27, 2010

5th edition of ARTE LAGUNA PRIZE

5th edition of ARTE LAGUNA PRIZE

Sections: painting, sculpture, photographic art, video art and performing art
Participation: the competition is open to all artists, without any limits.
Prizes: 100.000 euro total awards

Deadline: 16 November 2010

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The fifth edition reaches a total of 100.000 euro and expands opportunities for artists as institutional prizes 5.000 euro each, as well as the attention for the artistic education offering 4 residences of art and creating fruitful collaborations between creativity and entrepreneurship with the Business for Art “ReiL” Prize that offers a stay in Brazil to create a site specific project.

The Arte Laguna Prize also allows a direct connection in the art market with its circuit of international galleries and the participation in international festivals such as “Open” in Venice and “Tina B” in Prague.

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