Monday, June 01, 2009

The Gibson Street Gala

The Gibson Street Gala will take place on Sunday 21st June from 12 - 6pm and I am inviting artists and art students to take part in an open air exhibition in Westbank Quadrant either as individuals or groups. A small fee of £15 would be charged for each section used by individuals or groups, within which work may be made available for sale. The art exhibition will be a new addition to the fifth annual incarnation of the event and we are hoping to establish it as a successful and permanent feature. The aim is to create an arts community site and encourage artists and art students to collaborate. This is a fantastic opportunity in terms of exposure and any additional creative ideas are welcome. We will have artists doing life drawing and I'm working on getting a performance artist to draw an audience. Gibson street, Westbank Quadrant and part of Otago street will be closed for 7 hours. We have live entertainment on the main stage in Gibson street throughout the day, kids entertainment in Otago street, 30 stalls across the bridge and a large courtyard(entry from Westbank Quadrant) with acoustic bands and other entertainment. We have space for more than fifty artists and I'm getting a lot of interest so if you would like a space guaranteed let me know as soon as possible. I can supply you with a table if you need one and we are looking into getting covers for work in case of rain but I would recommend artists to be prepared for that as well.

Marianne Vosloo's email for anyone intrested is

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